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Forbes "30 Under 30" featuring M&T

Maddie & Tae are featured in Forbes "30 Under 30 - Music." What an honor! Read the full list here.

Maddie & Tae


Marlow and Dye met in a singing showcase as teenagers and moved to Nashville after high school. In 2014, they became the first signees of Dot Records, a joint venture between Universal and Big Machine, home to 30 Under 30 alum Taylor Swift. Their first single, the stereotype-breaking "Girl In A Country Song," reached the top of the genre's airplay charts that same year.


M&T Perform in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Maddie & Tae appear in the 90th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade live on NBC. Performing "Fly," Maddie & Tae sing atop the Girl Scouts first-ever appearance in the annual New York City tradition.

As the float makes its way through the streets of New York City, girls will be "building a better world" by arranging giant 3-D puzzle pieces to form a globe. The float features activities that represent what Girl Scouts past and present have done and continue to do as they take action locally and globally. From discovering new things and participating in outdoor adventures to developing entrepreneurship skills and exploring science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), Girl Scouts are on a mission to positively impact our world.  Along with the giant puzzle, the float features two dozen "embroidered" Girl Scout badges rendered in beautiful detail and representing everything from STEM and the outdoors to financial literacy and entrepreneurship—as well as a Gold Award symbol that celebrates this year's centennial of Girl Scouts' highest award.  And guess what? Very special musical guests Maddie and Tae will be joining Girl Scouts on the float. It’s going to be on point!  So make a date to tune in! The 90th Anniversary Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade airs nationwide on NBC-TV, Thursday, November 24, 2016, from 9:00 a.m. to noon, in all time zones.


M&T talk to FEMAIL about breaking free from music industry clichés

Following in the footsteps of Carrie Underwood, 33, and Miranda Lambert, 32, Madison Marlow and Taylor Dye (AKA Maddie & Tae), both 21, are the latest country stars to take on the fashion industry.

The singer/songwriters took time off from supporting Brad Paisley on tour to speak with FEMAIL at the launch of their new capsule collection with Bloomingdale's.

The CMA award-winning duo shared their design process, why they think the typical 'country look' is changing and their favorite pieces for fall.

Stylish duo: Madison Marlow, 21, (left) and Taylor Dye, 21, (right) of Maddie & Tae attended the launch of their new fashion collection with Bloomingdale's last week in New York City


Stylish duo: Madison Marlow, 21, (left) and Taylor Dye, 21, (right) of Maddie & Tae attended the launch of their new fashion collection with Bloomingdale's last week in New York City

Maddie and Tae met in 2010 at a showcase held by their singing coach in Dallas. As soon as the girls graduated high school, they moved to Nashville together and launched their careers as a country duo.

Since then the 'Girl in a Country Song' singers have released four hit singles and are now set to take the fashion world by storm.

'We knew nothing about fashion until probably like six months ago. We attended New York Fashion Week last February, and we thought it was really interesting and fun and realized fashion could be another way to express ourselves,' Maddie told Femail.

'We really wanted to dive into the fashion world. We’re definitely not experts, but we wanted to learn a lot more,' added Tae.

Talented pair: Maddie & Tae show off their killer style as they performed at a concert at Jones Beach Theater in NY over the summer


Talented pair: Maddie & Tae show off their killer style as they performed at a concert at Jones Beach Theater in NY over the summer

The duo was so excited to collaborate with Bloomingdale's because, according to Tae, 'they let us incorporate the things that we love, our style, our fashions and our youthful perspective.'

When it came down to designing, comfort was the women's biggest concern. 'We learned the hard way on red carpets to not wear uncomfortable stuff. It's just not worth it, if you don’t feel good in it,' said Maddie.

'That's why every piece in this line is comfortable and it’s stuff that we would genuinely wear on stage.'

Double trouble: Maddie & Tae took NYFW by storm last week. Here they are backstage at the Georgine show


Double trouble: Maddie & Tae took NYFW by storm last week. Here they are backstage at the Georgine show

The duo couldn't contain their excitement after Ralph Lauren and Anna Sui sent Western-inspired pieces down their runways at NYFW last week.

'We went to the Anna Sui show and Gigi Hadid opens the show in a cowboy hat and I’m like "this is awesome!"' said Maddie.

'It would make the Grand Ole Opry very proud, I can tell you that,' Tae added.

Although the girls love to rock big belt buckles and fringe boots on stage, they feel there is no longer a 'typical country music look' that they have to strive to achieve, and they are free to wear anything they want.

"I feel if your lifestyle and your music is country, what does it matter what you’re wearing as long as you feel comfortable,' said Tae.  

'We’re country at heart and that's what always shines through.'

Their capsule collection with Bloomingdale's includes dresses, separates and outerwear. Prices range from $38 - $498.

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M&T Hit Bloomingdale’s to Launch Aqua Line

Nothing like a little success to up the style quotient. When country music duo Maddie & Tae first made the charts with their hit “Girl in a Country Song” in 2014, they were still teenagers who liked to shop at mall retailers and off-pricers. Fast forward to today and the twentysomethings are touring the country, working on their second album and promoting the launch of their capsule collection with Bloomingdale’s, Aqua x Maddie & Tae, which is targeted to a Millennial girl with a youthful sense of adventure.

The duo made a stop in New York during fashion week to take in a few shows and make a personal appearance to introduce the line at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street flagship, where they met with fans and held an acoustic concert on the sales floor Thursday night. WWD spoke with them before the appearance about fashion and music.

WWD: When we first spoke last year, you shopped at American Eagle Outfitters, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Now you have your own fashion line.

TAYLOR DYE: That goes to show that this pulled us out of our comfort zone in the best way possible. I’ll never forget, we walked into our first Bloomingdale’s meeting to see if we wanted to create our first capsule and I was wearing a Forever 21 outfit and so was Maddie. And we said, “This is us.” And they said, “Great, that’s what we want.” So we said, “Let’s do it.” We really got to incorporate the authentic, youthful aspect into the line.

MADDIE MARLOW: We think we captured the Millennial perspective with this line, but a little more elevated. When we pick out clothes for ourselves, it’s just like jeans and a T-shirt or a cute little blouse, but this capsule really pushed us fashion-wise in a good way. We learned a lot and weren’t afraid of different fabrics and styles and mixing things.

WWD: You’re both wearing pretty dressy pieces from the collection right now, though.

T.D.: There are some pieces that are dressy, but that’s what I love about it. You can dress it up or down. You can wear it with some flats for a day date or at night. There are also some cute bombers and we also do jeans and normal T-shirts.

M.M.: We had to do jeans. I don’t like dresses but I love some of the dresses in this line because they’re comfortable. This line did such a good job — the dresses are breathable, you can move around. But we do have two pairs of jeans: a black wash and then a denim wash and they’re higher-waisted so they feel better. I was pretty excited about the jeans. Then we have these crazy leather leggings that are so much fun.

T.D.: It’s fun to get to dip into the fashion world a little bit. We did an in-store appearance at Bloomingdale’s in Chicago last week, but we’re excited because we actually get to incorporate some music this time. We get to play some songs and talk about the line and our favorite pieces.

WWD: Speaking of that — you’re in New York during fashion week. Did you take in any shows?

T.D.: We saw Anna Sui and Georgine and we went to an Aldo shoe party, which was really fun.

M.M.: And they gave us free shoes! In the gift bag were some free shoes, so that was pretty awesome.

T.D.: We love music but we do that all the time, so it’s kind of fun to express ourselves in another creative outlet. And we tie it all together — we wear our line onstage and play music here at the store.

WWD: Are you working on your second album yet?

M.M.: We’ve definitely written a lot of songs that we want on the second album.

T.D.: It’s tough though, because we had so long to write the first album and now we’re creeping up on having to release the second album. We feel like we have a lot of content but I think it’s just making sure that we’re telling the right part of the second story. We want it to be cohesive with the first album, not totally different, but we’re also living pretty much totally different lives. We’re in our early 20s and we’re experiencing new emotions so we’re trying to capture all the feelings, which is tough as a woman.

M.M.: It’s a cool phase of life. So far from our experience, the 20s are trying to figure who you are, what you want to say and who you want to be and at some point, you realize, I don’t have to have anything figured out, I’m just going to go with the flow. You’ve got to be OK with not knowing anything.

T.D.: And there are plenty of songs on this record that kind of explain that feeling. In your 20s, you know you have absolutely nothing figured out and I don’t know anything, but I’m just going to enjoy the ride.

WWD: When do you think we’ll see the new album?

M.M.: Spring or summer of next year. We’re crossing our fingers that our first single should be released in January or February of next year.

T.D.: We’re almost done with the album, we just need to go in the studio and cut it and see what we have.

WWD: Are you still touring?

T.D.: We’re on tour with Brad Paisley right now. We have two weekends left.

WWD: Will you then take some time off for the holidays?

M.M.: Yes, we always take time off for Thanksgiving and Christmas because we don’t really have weekends or many days off during the year so we just do a whole two-week block in December for Christmas so we can go visit family and just relax and unwind for a little while.

T.D.: But we’ll probably be using most of that off time to write and record.

WWD: So it seems like you guys are still getting along really well.

T.D.: Everyone thinks that because we’re young women, that we fight a lot, but no.

M.M.: We’ve been working together for almost six years so we understand each other.

T.D.: After that long, you don’t really get sick of one another. It’s a marriage.


M&T To Close Out New York Fashion Week

CMA Award-winning Country duo Maddie & Tae will cap off New York City's iconic Fashion Week on Thursday, Sep. 15 with a performance event to celebrate the launch of their new Bloomingdale's capsule collection.

The collection dubbed AQUA x Maddie & Tae embodies their youthful sense of adventure and unyielding girl power spirit. The pair will be hosting an event at the 59th street Bloomingdale's location in Manhattan.

"We are so excited to be able to be a part of Fashion week," said Maddie Marlow. "We have been so busy writing for our next album and performing on tour with Brad Paisley that it will be good to take a day to show off our other project-our partnership with Bloomingdale's! It is a bunch of super-fun pieces and stuff that's hip without screaming 'fashion victim' - things you can really wear. And the best part, pieces come in all kinds of colors and fits, so everyone gets to be part of the party. It's great clothes that are fresh and fun for everyone."

"And AQUA is dress up and dress down - go to school, go to work, go out kind of clothes," adds Taylor Dye. "No matter where you're going or what you're doing, AQUA's got you covered all in one place! When you're busy like we are, AQUA makes it so easy."

The fashionable yet bold collection is peppered with an eclectic mix of textures, colors, and silhouettes.

"Maddie & Tae represent the fresh, fun and modern young women who wear AQUA," says Frank Doroff, vice chairman of women's ready to wear at Bloomingdale's. "As creative artists, their influence and input feels like a strong fit for this line. Bloomingdale's welcomes the opportunity to work with young talent in all phases of their business. We're thrilled to have Maddie & Tae working with our AQUA brand."


M&T on Their 'Youthful & Fun' Bloomingdale's Capsule Collection

Bloomingdale's is giving shoppers a taste of style from the South.

The team behind AQUA -- the retailer’s in-house clothing brand -- collaborated with native Tennesseans and CMA Award winners Maddie & Tae for a fall capsule collection. Available in mid-August, the line includes covetable pieces like a moss-green reversible rabbit and coyote fur anorak ($498), a floral embroidered bomber jacket ($98), cute leather miniskirt ($148) and flounce tanks ($38).  

Billboard exclusively spoke with Madison Marlow (Maddie) and Taylor Dye (Tae) about their debut clothing collection and how to strike the balance between comfort and style.

Karma Suits Ya: Maddie & Tae 
Fight Back Against a Bully In 'Sierra'

How long has this collaboration been in the works?  

Maddie: In January or February, we finally closed the deal, and we're really grateful that we found a clothing brand that's representative of us as artists and young women everywhere. When we first met with them, they had so many different options for comfy clothes, going-out clothes and stage clothes for us.

Tell us about the design process.

Tae: The cool part about this first line is that Bloomingdale's actually knew what they wanted and we knew what we wanted. They pretty much had this line thought out from our first meeting and then let us go in to edit and make it our own.

Maddie: If we collaborate in the future, we’d like to be even more hands-on. For us, we did more of a Pinterest board, where we said, “Hey, these are some of the edgier things that we love, here’s the simpler things that we love,” and from that Pinterest board, they nailed it perfectly. It was crazy because we’re on tour and couldn't feel out different materials, but were able to be hands-on with colors and all that.

Where did you find inspiration for your new collaboration?

Tae: We got the inspiration from what we would like to wear; whether we're just lounging around Nashville at our home or onstage. We pulled from our personal style, so we're hoping people like our choices for this collection.

How would you each describe your personal style?

Maddie: I'm definitely a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. I'm always looking to be comfortable and practical while still looking great. One of my favorite pieces is this leotard top that hooks underneath, because you don't have to worry about your shirt coming undone; you can have a nice, sleek tucked in look and nothing is going to fly up. I'm not really a dress girl, but one of my favorite pieces from our line this fall is actually a dress.

Tae: Maddie and I love a lot of the same clothes and we pretty much share clothes all the time, but we do have very different styles. I feel the most beautiful in skirts, dresses and heels, so we mixed those styles in the AQUA line. There’s this sequin dress I tried on for the photo shoot and I wanted to keep it on all day. We actually enjoy wearing the line, which is great because we wouldn't want to put something out that we don’t actually love ourselves.

Do you feel your clothing line is a good mix of both of your personal styles?

Tae: Definitely.

Maddie: For sure. I think it represents everybody -- well, every woman, to me. It covers so many different styles, and that's why Tae and I are so excited about it. We have our own individual styles but, like Tae said, usually share clothes.

What do you look for in clothes when you’re performing? Any tips for striking the balance between comfortable and stylish?

Tae: I always suggest packing clothes that are stretchy and that you don’t have to iron. On the road it’s a lot easier whenever the material doesn't easily wrinkle. It makes our lives so much better. Our collection has an awesome leather skort that I'm actually packing to wear for this run of shows. It looks like a leather skirt but it fits you like shorts. I get really nervous about wearing shorts underneath a dress, so this is a happy medium between wearing comfortable jeans, PJ shorts and a skirt.

What words would you use to describe this capsule collection?

Tae: Youthful, fun and exciting. I love that the pieces can be worn by women of all ages, from a 10-year-old to, hopefully, a 40-year-old woman. There are some really vibrant colors but also a nice mix of darker colors, like black, too.